Episode 11 – Food Politics Rant

Mike and April for on a 30 minute rant about racial politics, cultural appropriation, and food. If that's not your thing, we get it. Please skip. We won't take it personally. More info on upcoming events: Gunn Show #2 featuring Chrissie Mayr May 31st, Tubby's Kingston at 9pm $10 at the door Murder Train featuring Tim … Continue reading Episode 11 – Food Politics Rant

Episode 10 – Surprise surprise, we go a little too far

We are joined by the hilarious Frances Gunn and David Britton to bullshit over food on Wing Night at The Anchor in Kingston, NY. We start off talking about the food and end up discussing whether or not bestiality is or is not funny. Conclusion: funny. Listen at your own risk. Frances' upcoming show: The Gunn … Continue reading Episode 10 – Surprise surprise, we go a little too far

Episode 9 – Pennsylvania Doesn’t Suck After All!

We meet up at the restaurant 403 Broad in Milford, PA, and talk with the chef/restaurant genius/food master Brandon Grimila. He talks to us about eating reindeer hearts in Norway, what it means to be a true farm to table restaurant, and why corn is evil. We contribute by eating all his food, talking shit about other restaurants, … Continue reading Episode 9 – Pennsylvania Doesn’t Suck After All!

Episode 8 – Where We Navigate the Hemorrhoidal Tract

Mike and April hang out with the hilarious David Britton and Frances Gunn and discuss comedy, hemorrhoids, and life. Because Mike and April and a combination of extremely busy and incredibly lazy, the plugs mentioned in the podcast are out of date. But do not despair! Here's what our amazing guests are up to and … Continue reading Episode 8 – Where We Navigate the Hemorrhoidal Tract

Episode 7 – Where the f*** are we?!

Mike and April catch up on a couple months worth of adventures. Tiki Night at Stockade 313 Fair St, Kingston NY 12401 Taco Gol 553 Main St, Poughkeepsie NY 12601 845-471-3223   New Paltz Brewery 7174 Old Rt 209, Wawarsing NY 12489 845-419-3040 http://www.newpaltzbrewing.com Damn Good Honey 150 Hilltop Terrace, Kerhonkson NY 12446 845-701-1999 http://www.damngoodhoney.comContinue reading Episode 7 – Where the f*** are we?!

Episode 6 – Poughkeepsie Jazz Project

"Because Mike needs some culture in his life." This week we talk to the talented and dapper Ben Basile, a fantastic local musician and runner/co-creator of the Poughkeepsie Jazz Project. There 5 year anniversary is tonight, 9/26/17 at 7pm at the Derby in Poughkeepsie. That's five years of a wonderful local music community coming together … Continue reading Episode 6 – Poughkeepsie Jazz Project

Episode 5 – Highland Part II

The Great Highland / Lloyd Mystery In our second installment of the Highland adventure, Mike and April go on a mini beer tour, visiting Underground Coffee and Ales and Hudson Valley Ale Works. (We got our first free beer which makes this the best episode ever made in the history of podcasting.) You can find … Continue reading Episode 5 – Highland Part II